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Here at Aluminium Shop Fronts, we have years of experience installing various shopfronts for business owners, schools, hospitals, and more.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Top Aluminium Shop Front Fitters in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated FENSA approved companies.

Our objective is to create cutting-edge shopfronts that will stand out, impress your customers, and last for years.

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Our Birmingham professional shop front installation team understand that all shop owners will have unique needs and requirements. We provide a range of pre-set aluminium storefronts that can be tailored to meet your specifications and are able to endure extreme weather conditions.

We’ll also show you the range of available options to help you make an informed decision.

With our company, the safety of your property, employees, and customers comes first as we invest in durable installation. We source high-quality materials from reputable suppliers and meet the highest design and implementation standards to ensure you won’t need a repair service any time soon.

Aluminium is a popular choice when it comes to shop fronts, windows and doors. Please complete our enquiry form for a free quote for shop front systems today.

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Why Use Us?

Aluminium Shop Fronts is an accredited shop front installer that observes impeccable standards and offers quality aluminium that is aesthetically pleasing.

Rest assured that you’ll receive quality work and an unrivalled customer experience with our fully recycled or brand new doors.

We have all the necessary construction certifications. We are CHAS and Constructionline accredited and adhere to health and safety procedures. Our highly skilled and dedicated team have completed countless projects offering the very best service for each construction.

Our firm has earned an excellent reputation dealing in aluminium shopfronts for over a decade. We offer detailed services from consultation to installation to promote quality. We respect our clients and take the time to understand their needs and specifications, including the highest level of professionalism.

We offer competitive pricing that provides good value for your money. We have in-house installers and have great relationships with leading and reputable suppliers, giving us access to affordable, quality manufacturing materials. Our products include aluminium shop fronts and security shutters.

We supply and install a range of Birmingham aluminium shop fronts tailored to your brand, specifications, and vision. We can accommodate systems of varying shapes and sizes; with such an installation we offer a free quotation on our initial contact for better budgeting.

Read on to find our 5-star customer testimonials from previous projects in schools, shopping centres and other establishments.

Cost of Aluminium Shop Fronts

An aluminium shop front costs £2500 to £4000 for the full installation in Birmingham.

You’ll have to spend approximately £2000 more for an automatic shopfront that can withstand heavy winds.

Cost of Aluminium Shop Fronts Birmingham

The exact figure can be higher or lower based on the simplicity or complexity of the construction, bar length and other factors mentioned below.

Warranty or Certification

While aluminium offers peace of mind for its strength and durability, especially for small businesses, you can opt for options with a warranty. It’s also a sign that your windows are of excellent quality and feature professional installation.

The warranty price is incorporated into the price of the aluminium shopfronts in Birmingham. Therefore, the longer the contract, the higher the cost.

Number and Size of Shopfronts

Commercial aluminium shopfronts come in varying shapes and sizes, affecting costs. Secondly, the window configuration influences the overall price.

The fewer the number of doors or windows to be installed, the lower the price. This is also true with smaller-sized windows.

This is because there are reduced transportation costs per unit.


The level of fabrication needed in manufacturing will affect the price significantly. This includes the glasswork required to achieve a specific appearance or colour.

A more detailed fabrication results in a high price tag. Standard applications don’t require extra effort and therefore cost less.

However, despite these variables, aluminium shopfronts are one of the most cost-effective choices in the market.

Contact us today and we can help you design a unique shopfront to keep more customers walking into your premises.

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Types Of Aluminium Shop Fronts Birmingham

Types Of Aluminium Shop Fronts Birmingham

Many different types of aluminium shop front products are available in the UK that require minimal repair service. These include:

Entrance Aluminium Shop Fronts

Entrance applications provide various finishes and colours for aesthetics and seamless operations in Birmingham.

These include a variety of entrance systems that suit your premises’ design. They can be swing, sliding, or manual office doors.

The automatic variety is smooth and powerful, with adjustable settings for optimal opening and closing motions. Automatic doors are most popular for commercial entrances and shopping centres.

Still, whether you choose the automatic or manual type, working with the right company produces excellent results and the best prices.

Aluminium Windows

The second type of aluminium shopfronts is aluminium windows. These can be installed in homes, schools, offices, shops and supermarkets.

You may have a glass shopfront with aluminium windows. We can offer a range of services, so if you would like a few different materials included, please make sure to contact us today.

Uses Of Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium shopfronts can be installed in various areas, including schools, leisure centres, garden centres, factories, hospitals, nurseries, and more. Aluminium shopfront uses include:

Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts

They are popular shop fronts in commercial service buildings in Birmingham such as offices and malls. They are strong, long-lasting, and can be fabricated to suit client specifications. They also create a beautiful display to advertise products and attract prospects.

These shopfronts are a great addition due to their cost-effectiveness and resistance to weather and other forms of damage.

They also provide top-notch security, ideal for businesses with high-value merchandise like jewellery.

Aluminium School Doors

Aluminium doors are good for high-quality installation or replacement in any school and college. Learning institutions are continually faced with financial challenges.

Budgets have been squeezed to the bare minimum, calling for strategic spending. Aluminium school doors help lower heating bills, reduce sun glare, and promote an enjoyable and comfortable teaching atmosphere.

Aluminium doors are more long-lasting and stronger than other doors to contribute to an extended useful life. Your school can easily achieve a stylish yet functional look with unlimited design choices.

Ask for a free site visit to determine the scope of the installation!

Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium doors and windows are commonly used in office spaces, educational institutions, and residential buildings.

They not only come in varying styles, shapes, and colours but are also cost-effective and extremely strong, and resistant to wear and tear.

Their thermal insulation abilities promote comfortable internal temperatures and reduce the HVAC system’s work to minimise the power bill.

Moreover, they are highly adaptable to accommodate various applications for frames and fixtures.

Security Shutters

Security shutters are an excellent addition to any commercial or residential property in Birmingham. This is especially true for high-risk areas since aluminium shutters boost security and offer discretion. They can also be rolled up when not in use.

Choosing aluminium shutters offers unmatched benefits. Aluminium is one of the materials that provide the best strength-to-weight ratio. It is solid for its weight, waterproof, highly resistant to corrosion, and boosts the establishment’s value.

Most importantly, it prevents unauthorised access, keeps the shop’s contents secure, and deters burglars and intruders. Commercial establishments with sensitive information and expensive goods can highly benefit from aluminium shutters.

For more information on shop front systems, please get in touch with our team today.

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What Are The Benefits Of an Aluminium Shop Front?

Benefits Of an Aluminium Shop Front Birmingham West Midlands

There are many benefits to aluminium storefronts. We have listed a few of the advantages below:

Long Lasting

Aluminium is constructed from solid metal and toughened glass to promote a longer shelf-life with minimal repairs. It is also difficult to break in, perfect for areas with security risks.

Besides, it also stands up to harsh weather conditions, like shallow temperatures, heavy and debris-borne winds, and heavy rainfalls, without experiencing any damage. Businesses with outdoor areas such as hotels or open-air spaces can benefit greatly from this feature.

Thanks to its corrosion-resistant characteristic, it also requires little to no maintenance, saving you money in the long run.

For more information on the durability of laminated safety glass and aluminium frames, please complete our call us today.

Offers Flexibility

Aluminium shop fronts provide the best world of high-level security and modern design specifications. Regardless of their unique strength, they are highly customisable and can be moulded and shaped to match your brand needs and style.

They can also be paired with manual swing or automated aluminium doors in Birmingham. When it comes to the laminated safety glass panels, you can also choose from different glazing options and characteristics like temperature control systems. This makes it easy to add personal touches to your shop fronts and adapt them to your store.

A professional can easily alter the look of your shopfront to create a display you can be proud of. In addition, there are numerous colour choices to match your brand identity.

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable and robust structural material, contributing to a more sustainable and healthier environment.

It is a sustainably sourced material that can be re-melted and re-shaped multiple times without interfering with its quality and resistance.

This means it can be renewed to a new shop front even after years of use. Brands that have sustainability values can significantly benefit from the addition.

Cost Effective

It’s easy to think that aluminium’s high resistance and quality would come with a price. Fortunately, this shopfront type is many businesses’ favourite for being cheaper than other shopfront options.

The material is readily available, abundant, and effortless to the source. This significantly lowers the material costs to help you channel the remaining funds to other design-related installation parts.

Simple to Install

Despite its excellent quality, aluminium is lightweight, making it easier to transport and install than other choices in the market.

This reduces labour costs after the manufacture is complete.

Due to the simplicity, aluminium doors and shopfronts are great for small businesses as well as large commercial entrances.

Energy Efficient

Aluminium doors and windows can retain heat when fitted with polyoxide thermal breaks.

They incorporate low U values, boosting a property’s general thermal efficiency levels. This saves you on your power bill by providing excellent energy efficiency.

For more information on the access control systems we can provide, please complete our enquiry form today.

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What Are Aluminium Shop Fronts?

Aluminium shop fronts in Birmingham are the outside of a shop that is made out of glass and aluminium frames.

This property makes them strong, durable, and resistant to weather and noise. Their appealing and easily fabricable design qualifies them as a great face of any property.

Aluminium frames also support different glazing choices, including single glazed, double glazed units, and triple glazing. This allows businesses to opt for large glazed areas, curtain walling, solar systems, and vast signage placement.

What Are Aluminium Shopfronts Birmingham

They can also be designed to work alongside varying automatic doors, including high-traffic swing doors, custom-designed entrance doors, and standard push doors.

Additionally, aluminium doors and windows feature different shades to match your corporate branding efforts. This is possible with powder coating that customises the front to any colour.

This solution results in a stunning entrance that requires little maintenance while providing much-needed security.

Why Does Your Business Need Aluminium Shop Fronts?

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium Doors and Windows Birmingham

What is the Lifespan of Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows can last thirty to forty-five years.

Aluminium is a long-lasting, low-maintenance material. It does not swell, crack, warp, or split over time; therefore, it is less likely to degrade.

However, its life expectancy varies based on a few factors.


Prioritising a high-quality installation is essential for longevity. A poor installation will cause underperformance and premature wear despite purchasing a high-grade aluminium window. Spend a few more pounds on your building to save you money in the long run.


The climatic condition of your area contributes to the lifespan of your system. Aluminium is effective in mild weather conditions with high humidity and rainfall. However, it still offers excellent durability in extreme weather conditions. They can also be recycled into new creations with the same quality.

Does Aluminium Rust?

Aluminium does not rust.

It forms an aluminium oxide coating when exposed to air or water. It is highly resistant and bonds to the metal surface.

The coat features a powdery white or dark grey finish. It renews itself after damage to keep the metal considerably safe from rust until the layer is compromised.

However, applying a protective clear coat on the surface can mitigate corrosion.

What is a Thermally Broken Shop Front?

Standard aluminium can exchange heat and cold from the exteriors. This means it can affect the environment and lower the comfort levels of your customers and employees. A thermally broken shop front comes in handy and features a thermal barrier.

The barrier is made up of an insulating material that isolates the external and internal parts of the shop fronts. This enhances thermal and acoustic insulation.

For instance, it maintains a comfortable internal temperature even on cold days. It also prevents the internal heat from dissipating and conducts cold, heat, and noise a thousand times slower than average aluminium.

How to Clean Aluminium Window Frames

To clean aluminium windows, always start from the top and work your way down to make the process more seamless.

Secondly, the procedure depends on whether you are cleaning from the inside or outside.

Cleaning the Outside

Cleaning the Inside

There is no particular frequency on when you should clean your windows. To be safe, clean the glass every month and the frames every two months. This will keep them looking clean and vibrant always.

How Long Does an Aluminium Door and Window Take to Fit?

It takes approximately one and a half hours to fit one aluminium window or door.

Aluminium doors and windows are becoming popular in residential and commercial properties. However, a professional installation enhances its lifespan and minimises the likelihood of repairs and refurbishments.

The installation timeline can vary depending on a few factors:

Measurements Required

Your window or door space measurements are unique and must be computed for accurate fabrication.

The more the number of windows or doors needed, the more the measurements. In turn, this increases the length of the installation in Birmingham.

Taking precision in this stage saves a lot of hassles during the installation process and minimises waste.

Positioning of the Window

Since the window is the size of a wall, accurate positioning is critical. This is because it affects durability, condensation rate, and impact damage rate.

The simplicity or complexity of the positioning will also affect the timeline. Working with a highly experienced installer can give you peace that everything is done right.

Installation Process

Various steps are incorporated during installation. Each step is crucial in meeting excellent functionality, efficiency, and longevity.

Setting them correctly ensures they are installed plumb, square, and level.

A company that focuses on detailed procedures to ensure the best end product may take longer than one interested in finishing the job, pocketing the funds, and finding the next client.

What Makes a Good and Appealing Shop Front?

An aluminium shopfront’s aesthetic design can give you an added advantage over your competition. The first presentation of your business starts at the entrance.

Remember, good first impressions are long-lasting and can make or break your sales and revenue. The display, logo, design, lighting, colours, and finishes can compel and draw in a prospect.

A professionally designed and installed aluminium shopfront can add great character and quality to any shopping environment. These shopfronts are also powerful advertising tools.

Shop Fronts Safety Standards

Shop Front Safety Standards Birmingham

Certified professionals are conversant with all the safety standards and building regulations, so you don’t need to worry.


We make use of various manufacturers at Aluminium Shopfronts, including:

For more information on the manufacturers that you can choose from, please contact our team today.


Aluminium shopfronts are an excellent solution for revamping your store in Birmingham. Some good reasons are their tensile strength, aesthetics, affordability, durability, sustainability, and ease of installation.

Are you looking for an aluminium shopfront near me? You need to partner with a reliable aluminium shop front company in West Midlands that will provide optimum results.

At Aluminium Shop Fronts, we go the extra mile for our clients and prioritise satisfaction.

We have installed shopfronts, doors, and windows for shopping centres, schools, and homes nationwide.

Get in touch for a free quotation and to have any of your questions answered. We’ll provide customised, detailed information that applies to your specific store or property.

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We can help with both single and double glazed units as well as curtain walling. No matter what your requirements are, we can help.

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Michael Houghton
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We have used Aluminium Shopfronts for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

Andrew Grant
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