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When it comes to ensuring the safety of a building and its occupants, emergency exit steel doorsets play a crucial role. From single doorsets to double doorsets, these specialised doors are designed to provide a secure and reliable means of escape in case of an emergency.

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In this article, we will explore the importance of emergency exit steel doorsets, the various types available, their key features, installation process, maintenance requirements, safety regulations, and how they compare to other types of emergency exits. Contact our aluminium shop front and shutter team to find out more about emergency exit steel doorsets.

What Are Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets?

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are specialised doors designed for safe and rapid egress during emergency situations in buildings.

These doorsets play a crucial role in facilitating the quick evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergencies. Constructed with sturdy steel, they are robust and durable, providing a reliable barrier against potential hazards.

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are equipped with panic hardware, ensuring easy and intuitive operation under stress. These doorsets are designed to meet stringent safety standards set by authorities to guarantee optimal protection for building users. Their significance lies in offering a secure pathway to safety, minimising risks and safeguarding lives.

Why Are Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets Important?

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets play a critical role in building safety and compliance with established codes and regulations.

They are specifically designed to provide a secure and reliable means of egress during emergencies, such as fires or other hazardous situations. These doorsets are constructed to be durable and fire-resistant, ensuring that they can withstand extreme conditions and allow for swift evacuation when needed.

By incorporating Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets into building designs, architects and builders can enhance the overall safety standards of the structure, giving occupants peace of mind knowing that they have a designated and reliable exit route in case of emergencies.

What Are the Types of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets?

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets come in various configurations to suit different building requirements and layouts.

Single doorsets are ideal for smaller spaces or as secondary emergency exits, providing a simple yet effective solution. On the other hand, double doorsets offer enhanced security and wider openings, making them suitable for high-traffic areas or larger establishments.

The single doorsets are often selected for offices, shops, and other similar spaces, whereas double doorsets are commonly chosen for theatres, airports, and hospitals due to their ability to facilitate the smooth flow of people during evacuations.

Single Doorsets

Single Doorsets are standalone emergency exit doors that provide a secure and efficient means of egress for building occupants.

They are specifically designed to facilitate safe and quick evacuation during emergencies, ensuring the well-being of individuals within a building. These doorsets are equipped with panic hardware, such as panic bars and exit devices, making them easy to operate under stress or urgency.

In addition to their functionality in emergency situations, Single Doorsets are compliant with safety regulations and industry standards, offering peace of mind to building owners and occupants alike. The installation process for Single Doorsets is relatively straightforward, and they can be customised with various hardware options to enhance security measures.

Double Doorsets

Double Doorsets consist of two interconnected doors that offer wider egress paths and enhanced security measures for emergency evacuations.

Their increased accessibility allows for smoother flow of foot traffic, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as commercial spaces and public buildings.

In emergency situations, Double Doorsets provide a rapid egress option, ensuring a quick and efficient evacuation process.

The durability of Double Doorsets makes them a long-lasting and reliable choice for both residential and commercial applications.

When it comes to installation, Double Doorsets require proper alignment and adjustment to ensure smooth operation.

The locking mechanisms in Double Doorsets vary, with options ranging from standard key locks to advanced electronic access control systems, providing flexibility and customisation based on security needs.

What Are the Features of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets?

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are equipped with essential features such as fire resistance, security measures, durability, and accessibility to ensure effective emergency egress.

The fire-resistant properties of these steel doorsets are crucial in containing and preventing the spread of fire during emergency situations, providing valuable time for occupants to safely evacuate a building.

The robust security mechanisms offered by these doorsets add an extra layer of protection, deterring unauthorized access and ensuring a secure environment.

Their long-lasting durability means that these doorsets are built to withstand the test of time and frequent use, making them a reliable choice for high-traffic areas.

The easy accessibility of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets promotes quick evacuation, meeting building safety standards and compliance regulations.

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance is a crucial feature of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets, ensuring that they can withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire.

This feature is paramount in safeguarding the lives of building occupants during fire emergencies. Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are constructed using fire-resistant materials such as steel, which can endure extreme heat without compromising their structural integrity.

These doorsets comply with stringent fire safety standards, including testing for resistance to fire for a specified duration. By effectively containing fire within a designated area, these doorsets create vital escape routes for individuals to evacuate safely during emergencies.


Security features in Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are designed to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the protection of building occupants during emergency situations.

These doorsets typically feature robust locking mechanisms such as panic bars or push-to-lock handles, which allow for quick and easy egress while maintaining security. Access control systems may also be integrated, requiring keycards or codes for entry and preventing unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas. By incorporating these advanced security measures, Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets not only help to enhance building security but also contribute to overall emergency preparedness in various settings.


Durability is a key aspect of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets, as they are built to withstand frequent use, harsh environments, and potential impact during emergency evacuations.

These doorsets are engineered with robust materials such as galvanised steel, which not only adds strength but also enhances their resistance to corrosion and wear over time. The design elements, including reinforced frames and heavy-duty hinges, play a crucial role in ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

When it comes to safety standards, the durability of these doorsets is paramount as they provide a reliable means of egress in emergency situations, allowing occupants to evacuate swiftly and securely.


Accessibility features in Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets ensure that building occupants, including those with mobility challenges, can easily and safely exit the premises during emergencies.

These enhancements play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals can quickly evacuate in potentially life-threatening situations. Panic bars, for instance, allow occupants to easily push open the door in case of an emergency, without the need for precise dexterity or strength.

Similarly, push pads provide a convenient mechanism for those with limited hand mobility to operate the door efficiently. Such features not only improve safety but also help buildings comply with accessibility standards and regulations, promoting inclusivity for all occupants.

How Are Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets Installed?

The installation of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets involves precise placement, secure fixation, and compliance with installation guidelines to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Frame fitting is a critical step in the installation process, ensuring that the doorset is securely anchored in place. Proper alignment of the frame is essential for smooth operation and to meet safety standards.

Hardware attachment involves securing components such as panic bars and hinges according to manufacturer specifications. Integrating access control systems allows for enhanced security measures.

Weatherproofing measures, such as sealing gaps and applying weatherstripping, help protect the doorset from external elements and ensure durability over time.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets?

Maintaining Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets involves regular inspections, testing of locking mechanisms, lubrication of moving parts, and prompt repairs to ensure their continued functionality.

These maintenance protocols are crucial for upholding safety standards in buildings and facilities. Regular checks help in identifying any potential issues with the doorsets, ensuring they can be addressed promptly. Proper lubrication of hinges, handles, and locks is essential to prevent them from jamming or malfunctioning during an emergency situation.

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance not only increases the longevity of the doorsets but also ensures they operate smoothly when needed the most. By following these protocols diligently, facility managers can enhance overall safety measures and provide occupants with reliable emergency exits.

What Are the Safety Regulations for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets?

Safety regulations for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets encompass fire safety codes, building regulations, and compliance requirements that ensure their proper installation and functionality.

These regulations are crucial in upholding the safety of occupants within a building during emergency situations. By adhering to prescribed fire safety standards for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets, building owners and occupants can mitigate risks associated with fires and ensure the swift and secure evacuation of individuals in the event of an emergency. Compliance with established building codes guarantees that the Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets meet the necessary safety standards to provide a reliable means of egress during crises, ultimately safeguarding lives and minimising potential hazards.

Fire Safety Regulations

Fire Safety Regulations dictate specific requirements for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets to withstand fire exposure, facilitate egress, and prevent fire spread within buildings.

These regulations ensure that Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets are designed to meet stringent criteria for fire resistance, smoke control, and emergency egress capabilities.

For fire resistance, these doorsets must be able to withstand a certain level of fire exposure to contain the spread and intensity of flames. Smoke control measures are also crucial to prevent smoke inhalation during a fire emergency.

The doorsets must provide easy and unobstructed means of egress for occupants to evacuate safely. To ensure compliance, these doorsets undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to validate their performance under fire conditions.

Building Codes

Building Regulations mandate the installation and maintenance requirements for Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets to ensure building safety, occupant protection, and adherence to structural standards.

These regulations outline specific guidelines for the construction of Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets, including requirements for robust materials, proper installation techniques, and compliance with fire safety regulations.

The doors must be equipped with panic hardware for swift and easy egress during emergencies. Building regulations dictate the type of locking mechanisms permissible to prevent unauthorised access while ensuring swift evacuation.

Access control integration is also a crucial aspect, as it allows for seamless monitoring and management of the doorsets as part of a comprehensive building safety strategy.

How Do Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets Compare to Other Types of Emergency Exits?

Comparing Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets to alternative emergency exits like panic bars, emergency exit signs, and emergency exit windows reveals their unique advantages in terms of security, durability, and rapid egress capabilities.

Emergency exit steel doorsets stand out due to their robust structure and heavy-duty materials, providing an added layer of protection in emergency situations. Unlike panic bars which can sometimes be prone to malfunction or damage, steel doorsets offer a reliable and sturdy solution.

These doorsets are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, enhancing security measures within a building. When it comes to compliance with safety standards, steel doorsets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet all requirements for emergency exits, making them a trusted option for various establishments.

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets vs. Panic Bars

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets offer enhanced security and controlled access compared to panic bars, providing a safer and more reliable emergency egress solution.

Steel Doorsets are designed with robust materials that make them highly durable and resistant to forced entry, ensuring long-term security for buildings. The advanced locking mechanisms of Steel Doorsets provide an extra layer of protection, preventing unauthorised access during emergencies. With Steel Doorsets, businesses and facilities can easily comply with safety regulations as they offer a more secure and foolproof emergency exit solution compared to traditional panic bars.

The seamless integration of Steel Doorsets into building designs makes them user-friendly and easily identifiable, ensuring a quick and efficient evacuation process in times of emergency.

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets vs. Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets offer physical security and controlled access, whereas emergency exit signs primarily provide visual guidance and wayfinding during emergencies.

Steel Doorsets serve as a crucial component in ensuring that emergency exits are easily identifiable and accessible in critical situations. By complementing the visual cues provided by exit signs, Steel Doorsets further enhance the overall safety measures in place within a building or facility.

In emergency scenarios, these robust doorsets act as a barrier against potential hazards, allowing for orderly evacuations and preventing unauthorised entry. When combined with clear and strategically placed exit signs, Steel Doorsets create a comprehensive emergency evacuation system that prioritises both safety and security.

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets vs. Emergency Exit Windows

Emergency Exit Steel Doorsets offer enhanced security, weatherproofing, and controlled access compared to emergency exit windows, ensuring a more robust and reliable emergency egress solution.

Steel Doorsets provide a superior level of durability, offering resistance to harsh weather conditions that may compromise the integrity of emergency exit windows. This durability is crucial in adverse weather situations such as storms or extreme temperatures, ensuring that the emergency exit remains accessible and secure when needed most.

Steel Doorsets are designed to meet stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind to building occupants and facilitators during emergencies. The reinforced construction of Steel Doorsets enhances security measures, deterring unauthorized access and enhancing overall building safety.

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